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Representative Projects


Springtown Natural Communities Reserve, Livermore, California


San Francisco Bay Wetlands Mitigation Bank, Redwood City, California


Goldfields Conservation Bank, Fairfield, California

Mitigation Banking


Mitigation banks for wetlands and conservation banks for protected species are habitats with documented resource values that are authorized to sell mitigation/conservation credits to developers and others obligated to offset environmental impacts from their projects or operations.  Developing a mitigation bank or a conservation bank and getting it approved is a process that involves meticulous attention to detail, negotiation with a consortium of regulatory agencies, and the willingness of the mitigation site owner to place the property in a conservation easement that requires in-perpetuity use of the property for conservation purposes.


HBG has obtained approval for banks currently selling mitigation credits for wetlands and special status species, and is involved in their management and operation. 



Representative Services


Conducting bank site feasibility analyses


Implementing bank site biological studies, wetlands/waters delineations, and botanical surveys


Preparing bank prospectuses and Bank Enabling Instruments, including long-term management plans


Developing a permitting strategy and working on our clients’ behalf with regulatory agencies to obtain approvals


Providing monitoring and land management services, including coordination with the property owner and conservation easement grantee 

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