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Representative Projects


Oro Loma Tidal Marsh Restoration, Alameda County, California


Onsite and Offsite Wetland Mitigation Plans, North Village Specific Plan Development,
Vacaville, California


Wetland Mitigation Plan and Vernal Pool Preserve, Stanford Ranch, Rocklin, California


Garcia River Habitat Restoration Plan, Mendocino County, California

Habitat Mitigation


Mitigation planning and implementation is an integral component of HBG’s environmental permitting practice.  When a project will impact sensitive habitats–wetlands or streams, or an endangered plant or animal species, for example–the development and implementation of a mitigation plan is normally required for project authorization. Mitigation can include creation, restoration, enhancement and/or preservation of affected natural resources. Mitigation plans must identify performance standards and include provisions for mitigation implementation and short- and long-term performance monitoring, maintenance, reporting, management, and funding.  Our mitigation plans meet these standards and criteria in the most cost-effective manner, and include as diverse as the projects we permit, from vernal pools to tidal marshlands to desert dry wash habitats and salmon spawning streams.


Once the mitigation is approved, we work with the project construction manager to provide environmental training, biological monitoring during construction, documentation, and reporting.  We monitor the completed mitigation project to ensure compliance with its site-specific mitigation performance standards, utilizing adaptive management methods to address unforeseen issues.  After performance standards have been achieved, HBG works to obtain the client’s release from further short-term performance monitoring requirements. HBG can also serve as the site’s land manager, providing long term monitoring and management to assure the site’s long-term sustainability.




Representative Services


Mitigation Plans for Sensitive Habitats, Including Wetlands, Creeks,

and Habitats for Special Status Species


Mitigation Implementation/Construction Monitoring


Performance Monitoring and Compliance Reporting


Long-Term Resources Management 

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