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Representative Projects


Biological construction monitoring for Morro Bay Power Plant tank farm demolition, Morro Bay, California


Biological monitoring of bridge construction over a salmon spawning stream in Bolinas, West, Marin County, California


Biological monitoring during construction, for endangered species, Cooley Landing soil remediation and park development in East Palo Alto, California


Bolivia-Brazil Pipeline Project, Department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia


Cuiaba Gas Pipeline Project, Department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia and State of Mato Grosso, Brazil


Plastic Nurdle Cleanup at Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline, San Leandro, California

Construction Monitoring


Even though a project has received all its environmental permits, it may still be delayed or even halted if numerous permit requirements are not met during construction.  HBG offers construction monitoring services to ensure that conditions of project authorization related to federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations are properly implemented.  Our objective is to ensure timely project completion by working as a construction team member to maintain project compliance with environmental authorizations, thus avoiding project delays due to an agency-required shutdown.


HBG’s construction monitoring services include agency-required pre-construction biological surveys, worker environmental awareness training, biological monitoring during construction, adaptive onsite problem solving to assure compliance and timely project completion, translocation of species, water quality sampling, preparation of monitoring reports and other agency reporting, anticipating and negotiating modifications to original project authorizations and conditions, and compliance reviews and audits. 

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